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Why Is Mineral Water Served With Espresso?

Coffee delivers different feelings for different people having different expectations. If you are not so aware of coffee basics, then it might sound weird to you. But serving mineral water with Espresso goes well, which might confuse those who have no idea. So, coffee lovers are well familiar with Espresso as it is one of the strongest coffee. Many cafes serve an Espresso following mineral water, but why? What is the exact reason behind it?

“The main and primary reason is that it permits the coffee lover to have a cleansing of their palate after, in between, or before finishing Espresso.”

But this practice, along with its timing and origins, are still in debate, so not everybody follows this. Let us get in-depth into it and determine why people or cafes provide Espresso with mineral water. But before that, check out what Espresso is and how to make it or how is it made?

Espresso – A Short Introduction

Espresso is the unique variety or recipe of coffee having Italy as its origin. Instead of using conventional coffee grounds, Espresso uses dark roasted beans, pressure brewing, and fine grounds. That makes it a thick, concentrated, and rich drink having intense flavor in it. Due to its bold and robust flavor, Espresso is available in shots (people mostly prefer double shot), which is typical and traditional.

Now the next step leads to some debate. Who was knowing that Espresso was so debatable? You can either skim the crema off your Espresso or skip it. So why such discussion? So the thing which is still in the research and has some theories behind it is – “why is mineral water served with Espresso?”

Four Significant Reasons Behind Drinking Water With Your Espresso

Espresso usually comes in a demitasse, a small and pre-warmed cup of coffee with sparkling mineral water (small glass) along with it. Hence, if you are searching for reasons behind it, then this is what you need to look for –

Dehydration – Drinking a cup of water before Espresso or your morning coffee is vital. Your body dehydrates because coffee is a diuretic which means it drains you-and missing out on a glass of water before it might result in more dehydration. Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for all matters.

Better taste – You might be knowing about some coffees like Espresso serving with mineral water, and the simple reason is cleansing your palate. Espresso tastes well when you have no other flavors in your mouth, and that is the reason.

Irritating stomach – Coffee is acidic that everybody knows, and can irritate your stomach if it is the first thing you have in the morning or after a long break of meals. Thus, recommendations favor drinking a glass of water before, between, or after Espresso.

Prevents the crash of caffeine – This is something many of you do not know. Drinking water with your Espresso helps you say Goodbye to the caffeine crash. Yes, Theobromine is the chemical present in caffeine that begins to work within 25 minutes after having Espresso or other coffee drinks. It is the leading cause of crash or tiredness you usually get.

Hence, drinking water after, during, or before your coffee helps you reduce this effect by keeping you active in your entire day ahead.

How To Consume Espresso?

The pressure, no use of paper, and fine ground filler come together to Espresso with more materials obtained from beans than a usual and ordinary coffee. It means that it has a lot of flavor with good thickness consistency.

So, start by sipping the sparkling mineral water. You do not need to fill yourself with water, but get rid of all flavors that might cause interference in enjoying Espresso. If you have water before or after your Espresso, you will enjoy all flavors without any interference keeping your body far away from dehydration.

Some Theories Behind Why Espresso is Served With Mineral Water

Whether talking generally or scientifically, no one is sure about its reason, but it does not mean fewer or no theories. Every coffee drinker will agree that they get Espresso and water together to cleanse their palate, resetting their taste buds. Thus, there are many disagreements with its origin and the timing of cleansing your palate. Check out some theories –

Theory 1 – Though one theory goes, especially in Italy (source of Espresso), Italians want to clean their palate between or before drinking Espresso, just like wine, to enjoy its flavor without any disturbance from other drinks or foods. But not all Italian cafes served water with Espresso.

Theory 2 – The second theory says that Baristas offer mineral water glass to prove that they use clean and clear water to make Espresso. This practice continues to follow even after people started believing it cleanse their palates.

Theory 3 – Few people claim that water is offered for washing down the Espresso as soon as you finish it.

Theory 4 – And others believe that it is a hospitality gesture that all cafes and restaurants follow every time for every order. They serve water before you order anything.

What Is The Way Espresso is Made?

Express needs specialized machinery, so the number of consumers prefers to be made by Barista instead of making it independently. Some people refer to making their Espresso on their own, and few are curious about its working.

Therefore, there is a machine called Espresso through which you make Espresso. This machine powers the water (hot) to get coffee grounds fine which makes it different from the usual coffee maker.

Hence, the reasons behind serving Espresso with water depending on the theories and people’s beliefs. And whatever is the reason, people take water with it. Everything from scratch is discussed above, whether it is the Espresso drinking way or the theories behind the concept of espresso drinking with mineral water. You read this article, and what you think, do share with us.

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