Pinnock’s coffee – Ripley, Surrey,UK

What a JOY.

This visit turned my day around. Whilst out and about, on the way back home, I took a short detour to check out a coffee house that a year ago provide refuge for me and my cycling partner (and as it turned out, many others – it’s very popular). A short detour off the A3, in the beautiful English village of Ripley.


The coffee first. It’s hard to over-state the quality of the coffee; and it’s clear that this is what the house revolves around. It takes centre stage, in the room, and in the ambience. Russell takes great pride in pouring the perfect temperature water over organic beans, sourced locally from a roaster in Woking, UK, while his young, and very polite staff rush around tending to the customers. It’s clear that they’ve worked hard to industrialise a truly artisan Pour Over process, but ensuring that in no way is the quality compromised. Speed is added by having lots of staff, streamlining the process of ordering – then your coffee is brought over, and the lining up of the Pour Overs.

The menu is short and sweet, and whilst the Ploughman’s left my socks still firmly “on”, the ability to still get a proper Ploughman’s in England is enough to keep me very happy. Besides, frankly they could serve whatever the hell they feel like, so long as the coffee stays as-is. In contrast, I remember last year having a lovely granola/fruit/yoghurt affair that was worth writing home about, so win some/lose some. The ambiance is worth it alone – I didn’t see anyone in Costa showing a young child how to make hot chocolate, and I certainly can’t get a Ploughman’s. Thinking back to the the Costa debarcle and the £2.20 price tag makes me feel a little nauseous compared to this.

Thank the Lord I have this Pour Over to wash it down. One more please Russell!

Note – this article was originally posted in 2015