How much Caffeine is too much?

While having coffee every time you get a chance during the day, it sometimes hits you – how much caffeine is too much? Am I having too much? With all that uproar about caffeine being unhealthy, have I reached that…

Tea vs. Coffee: Which Packs A Bigger Caffeine Punch?

Tea vs. Coffee: Which Packs A Bigger Caffeine Punch?

Does decaf coffee taste worse than regular coffee?

Are you switching from caffeine to no-caffeine? How different decaf tastes is the only thing that bothers us while doing so. Before we announce our final verdict on whether decaf coffee tastes different from the regular one or not, let’s…

How much Caffeine is there in Coffee?

Caffeine is probably a part of the everyday schedule if you’re like many folks. But do you realize how much caffeine is in your favorite beverages? Many adults can tolerate up to 400 mg per day. Caffeine tolerance, on the…

Coffee vs. Chai Tea: Which One Is Better for You and Why?

Coffee and Chai tea have long been engaged in a fierce battle of how to start the morning. They both have benefits, but is there really a superior beverage? Coffee provides a quick energy boost in the morning, but a…

The Best Time of Day to Drink Coffee (It’s Not When You Think)

One of the most beloved beverages in the world is coffee. It has become a daily requirement to many and even a way of life for some. The reason for this is the extremely popular stimulant found within it: caffeine….

How long does caffeine last in coffee?

We love a good cup of coffee (as you might inagine!) here at MGC Head quarters. That’s not just because of its amazing range of tastes and ever-appealing caffeine kick. It comes with a whole host of health perks, too….