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11 Amazing Ideas to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

11 Amazing Ideas to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

The first thing that most people do right after getting up each morning is using their coffee machine. A nice hot cup of fresh espresso makes you feel instantly energized and ready to start the day.

However, after you have used your filter coffee maker, what do you do with the left coffee grounds? Do you simply discard it like many others or consider recycling them? Yes, used coffee grounds indeed can be recycled in many interesting ways and we shall share 11 such amazing ideas with you right away.

1.As A Fertilizer

If you grow camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas, roses, hydrangeas, or other acid-loving plants, then used coffee grounds will serve as an amazing fertilizer.

You can mix your coffee machine grounds with brown leaves, dry straw, or dead grass clippings to neutralize a bit of the acidity and then simply spread them around your acid-loving plants.

The used coffee grounds will add potassium and nitrogen to the soil and also a bit of magnesium. Your plants need all of these to remain healthy.

One thing to remember here is that this fertilizer does not have calcium and phosphorus which is necessary for fruiting and blooming. So, add a little wood ash or lime to the mix and you will have a perfect fertilizer ready.

2.Compost It to Use Later

If you do not need any fertilizer right away then you can compost the used espresso grounds and use them later. Composting is a natural procedure wherein organic items like yard debris and food scraps are turned into a rich, dark material known as humus or compost.

If you add compost to your garden or yard it will help your soil hold onto more water and nutrients and thus your plants will become healthier.

You must use coffee machine grounds to make your compost because they are rich in nitrogen and thus make great “green” matter. Also, when you add coffee, beneficial worms will be attracted to the compost.

3.Repel Pests and Insects

Some compounds present in coffee like diterpenes and caffeine can prove to be very toxic to insects. This is why coffee grounds can be used to repel bugs.

Used iced coffee grounds can deter fruit flies, mosquitoes, and beetles, and also help keep many other pests away.

You can sprinkle some coffee grounds around the seating area. Or, you may sprinkle the coffee grounds around the plants and they will help make a barrier that will keep snails and slugs away.

4.Remove Pet Fleas

If you have pets at home then fleas are a common problem and treating them can be both time-consuming and expensive. Yes, you have many flea-removal products available but most of them have harsh chemicals and can cause undesired side effects.

If you have just made yourself a nice glass of iced coffee, why not use the grounds to treat your pet? Shampoo your pet and then rub the grounds through their fur. Rinse off and let your pet’s fur dry.

Not only will this get rid of fleas but can even add shine and make your pet’s coat smooth. If, however, this treatment does not work, you must consult your vet and learn about alternative options.

5.Exfoliate Your Skin

Used coffee machine grounds make a great exfoliating body scrub. The coarse particles in the grounds serve as an amazing exfoliating agent that helps remove dead cells and dirt from the skin.

You just need to add some coconut oil or water to the coffee grounds, mix it well, and then use it as a body and face scrub. Also, you can add some honey to the coffee grounds and use it to exfoliate your lips.

The caffeine present in the used coffee grounds has antioxidant properties, so, together with exfoliating your skin, it can keep your skin protected from sun damage.

6.Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is a very common condition that affects almost every woman. It gives your skin a lumpy, dimpled appearance and thus makes it look unattractive.

The problem of cellulite occurs when fat deposits push through the connective tissue present under your skin. The areas affected most are the thighs and buttocks.

Your used coffee grounds can come to your rescue here as well. When you apply the coffee grounds, the caffeine present in them can help break down the fat and improve the blood flow in this area. Thus, the appearance of cellulite will decrease.

Simply mix some coffee grounds with coconut oil or water and scrub it on the affected area for around 10 minutes. Repeat it at least twice a week to notice changes.

7.Tenderize Meat

Meat has proteins and muscle fibers that may give it a hard consistency. By tenderizing meat, you can break them down and make their texture softer.

Acids, enzymes, and salt are three kinds of meat tenderizers. Since coffee contains enzymes and natural acids it can effectively be used to tenderize meat. Also, the acidic nature of coffee will help make the flavor of meat even better.

What you have to do is just add some used coffee machine grounds to your dry-rub recipe and apply this rub to your meat about two hours before you start cooking. The grounds, after they get cooked on the meat, will result in a crispy, dark crust.

8.Get Rid Of Buildup and Stimulate Hair Growth

Styling products and shampoos generally leave behind residues that weigh down your hair and make them look dull. By exfoliating your scalp with used coffee grounds you can remove the dead cells and the buildup.

Not only will you get rid of the buildup but coffee grounds are known to improve blood flow. And even improve hair growth.

Before you shampoo your hair, just take around a handful of used coffee grounds and properly massage them into the hair and scalp for about a few minutes. Next, wash your hair as you generally do. Repeat this at least twice a week to notice changes.

9.Repair Your Scratched Furniture

Wooden furniture can easily get scratches and scuffs. Then, you have no option but to run to a nearby store and choose from the many products that are made to help minimize the appearance of such scratches.

Next time, before you head to a store, first try your used espresso grounds. Simply add some water to the grounds and make a thick paste. With the help of a cotton swab rub this paste into the scratch and let it stay that way for around 5-10 minutes. Next, wipe off using a cotton rag.

This coffee paste should help buff out the scratches. The exposed wood shall be dyed a rich brown color and thus not be noticeable.

10.Get Rid Of Dark Circles

The skin around your eyes is very delicate and has fewer fat tissues. This is why it is your eyes where you first start noticing the signs of aging.

Puffiness and dark circles also are common eye area problems that may be a result of poor circulation, skin quality, and fragile blood vessels. If you do have such issues then your used coffee grounds can help.

Coffee machine grounds are rich in caffeine and antioxidants. And, as per research, skincare products that contain caffeine and antioxidants can help reduce dark circles and signs of aging.

You just need to add some water or coconut oil to the used coffee grounds and make a paste. Apply this paste under your eyes and allow it to stay for approximately 10 minutes and then rinse. Repeat daily, or as needed.

11.Neutralize Odors

Coffee grounds are known to absorb and thus eliminate odors, and using them is very easy as well.

All you need to do is place a bowl of used coffee grounds in your freezer or fridge to neutralize the odors that fragrant or spoiled foods may have caused.

Also, you can fill some old pantyhose or socks with used coffee grounds, tie them off, and use them as portable air fresheners. You may even place them in your gym bags, socks, under car seats, in your bedroom drawers, or anywhere that needs some deodorizing.

Furthermore, you can keep the coffee grounds near your sink and scrub your hands with them after you have chopped onions or garlic, and get rid of their smell completely.

To Conclude –

So, next time, after you have used your coffee machine and your milk frother to make a perfect cup of coffee, do not throw the used grounds away. Instead, use them in the various ways that we just shared and make the most of your much-loved, precious coffee grounds.

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