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15 Coffee Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Having a perfect savory cup of coffee to start your morning is every coffee lover’s dream. That isn’t always the case, though. There are mornings where our coffee maker doesn’t want to work with us and days where we just don’t have time. Thankfully, coffee lovers have banned together to create some amazing hacks that can give you options when life gets in the way of that delicious first cup.

1.Coffee Ice Cubes

Making iced coffee at home is a great way to save money and experiment with your own flavors but we all know what happens when the ice cubes melt. Watered-down coffee just doesn’t taste as good and it can even dilute the syrups or creamers. Instead of using regular ice cubes make ice cubes out of coffee! Make a cup, pour it into your usual ice cube tray, and replace regular ice cubes with iced coffee cubes for your morning drink. It’ll keep the flavor of the coffee intact all day.

2.Espresso French Press

Espresso lovers know that those machines, especially the good ones, can cost a pretty penny. Not many people know that you can make a rich and flavorful espresso shot in a french press. Simply grind the beans down to a fine powder and pour hot water over. Don’t pour a lot you just need enough to cover the grounds then press the water out into an espresso cup.

3.Lattes In A French Press

Did you know you can make frothy milk for lattes and other drinks in a french press? Honestly, french presses are one of the greatest tools a coffee lover can purchase and they’re not extremely expensive for the basic models. Grab your choice of milk and heat it in the microwave or stove the way you would heat water for tea. Pour the heated milk into the french press and move the handle up and down to make a pillowy froth that’s perfect for lattes. You can even practice latte art if that’s a trend you’ve been wanting to try.

4.Cold Brew Blenders

Want cold brew coffee and don’t have the equipment to do so? Blenders work just as well as a cold brewer. Most blenders have an off-on setting that can be switched with ease to grind beans without destroying them. You want to be careful with the blending speed since beans are smaller and much more sensitive. The beans can turn bitter if the grinding is done too quickly. This overheats the beans which will get rid of the flavors and oils. So watch your speed!

5.Homemade Syrups

Want that coffee shop flavor without spending the coffee shop money? DIY your very own syrups! Not only is this a great way to save money you’re able to perfectly craft the exact taste you want and have a variety in the morning! There are a bunch of different recipes all over the internet and sites like Pinterest or Instagram. They’re usually just a few steps and can last for weeks at a time.

6.Make Your Own Creamers

Store bought creamers, even if they say low fat or low sugar, are actually extremely unhealthy and full of trans fats. Instead of spending four to seven dollars every week or two check out some awesome easy DIY creamer or sweetner recipes! You’ll be able to adjust what flavor and sweetness level you want instead of guessing based on the name or brand of creamer.

7.Creamer Ice Cubes

Similar to our first hack mentioned using creamer instead of ice cubes is another alternative to ensure your coffee doesn’t end up watered down by the time you get to it. Having creamer slowly melt into the coffee also balances out the sweetness plus there’s no pile of creamer at the bottom when it isn’t stirred right. The creamer will be evenly distributed as you drink it!

8.Try BulletProof Coffee

Haven’t heard of the new bulletproof coffee craze? It’s delicious and easy to make. Essentially you’re blending cocounit oil and grassfed butter together to put into your coffee. There are health benefits to doing this and it adds a fun frothy, buttery taste that can help eliminate the need for excess sugar or creamer. It’s not too complicated and there are a ton of recipes out there to try.

9.Don’t Microwave!

No coffee lover wants to waste good coffee or espresso. If you’ve accidentally left your mug out somewhere try reheating your coffee on the stop instead of the microwave. Heating it in an ascending time rather than blasting it with heat for thirty seconds will make your coffee taste much better and it won’t just be a cup full of liquid lava. Slow heating means heat control!

10.Coffee Mugs Matter

Choosing a coffee mug in the morning should make you feel a little something. Excitement for the day, tranquility, a little giggle at a bad food pun, or all of the above. Your mug choice should match the rest of your home decor in that it is a reflection of your taste and personality. Coffee lovers should love the mugs they use too. Size and shape matter! Do you like drinking one big cup of coffee in the morning? Don’t waste time refilling a smaller mug. Buy a big old cup and eliminate multiple trips to the kitchen.

11.Clean With Baking Soda

Rinse your mugs with a baking soda and water mixture to really scrub off those caked on stains. Even on white mugs! Sponges work best but you can use scrub brushes too as long as they fit.


Accidentally brew bitter coffee and don’t want to waste it? Throw a pinch of salt in there! The salt counters the bitter taste and can save an entire pot! Just add slowly until the taste is how you want it. Nobody wants salty coffee either.

13.Add Spices

Cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamon are great spices to add to your coffee. Don’t knock it until you try it! If you’re just starting out with your coffee interest start with cinnamon it’s a good traditional flavor.

14.Recycle Grounds

Grounds make great fertilizer and pest repellent. Don’t throw them out! Reduse, reuse, and recycle even when it comes to coffee.


Always forget when you’ve brewed coffee? Write down the time on a napkin and place it on top of the coffee maker so you’ll know before brewing if the pot is too old to enjoy.

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