Milk Frothers: All There is To Know

Milk Frothers: All There is To Know


Let’s face it. Over the past few months, coffee lovers all over the world suffered the brunt of the pandemic. Ardent coffee lovers couldn’t waltz into their favourite Starbucks outlet to get their morning cup of joe. To give you a glimpse of what we are talking about, According to Daily Record, there was an upsurge in sales of coffee machines to a whopping 412% during the UK’s second lockdown (we aren’t taking it lying down anymore). The Scots seem to be following suit.

It’s our firm belief that the DIY coffee-making sessions at home bore fruits, creating coffee experts. Whether you want to make a mean cup of java, hone your latte-art making skills, or you just want to have a cold brew with foam, you’ll definitely score big with a milk frother at your corner. It’s just one of those simple heavenly gadgets that will elevate your morning fix.

A milk frother is simply a gadget that whips air into a cup of milk. It creates a whip-like cream texture that’s topped onto your coffee. Sounds interesting; read on!

We painstakingly wandered at length to get expert coffee reviews (and caffeinated ones, for that matter) on what this frothy business is all about. Hold your horses. First, let’s dive deep into some considerations to look out for before getting a milk frother.

Milk Inputs

Before settling for your magic wand, you need to consider whether it could whip up other alternatives. For the lactose intolerant guys, there’s no need to fret. We do have coconut, hemp, and almond milk. Oat milk is another option rapidly gaining popularity. Since most frothers are designed to offer the best results with cow milk, you should expect different results or textures with other alternatives.

Froth Quality

The quality of your foam is determined by the milk frother you purchase. For reasons unknown, many find it hard to believe whether it’s possible to enjoy a superior, high-quality froth with a hand held milk frother. Let us authoritatively confirm with an emphatic YES, but only for the experienced coffee heads.

Alternatively, you could go for an electric milk frother that makes work easier. They come with temperature control settings making it easier to attain that excellently smooth and thick froth. A stiff, thick, and less bubbled foam seems to be the favourite for many, so ensure your gadget can live up to your expectations.


This is an absolute no-brainer. It would be best if you had a gadget that won’t up your power bills. It is a factor that should hold dear to you if you are the energy-conserving type. An electric milk frother will consume more compared to a handheld one.

Cleaning Requirements

Ensure that your frother is dishwasher-friendly. Some require an extra amount of keenness during manual cleaning, while others, such as the hand held milk frother, just need rinsing off. Milk usually tends to harden, making it difficult to clean. You could always go for one that’s easier to clean.

Design and Size

Ladies, yes, ladies! If you value your kitchen’s design, then this should be an essential factor to consider. Luckily most brands of milk frothers come in modern designs and with shiny chrome finishing. Furthermore, you can choose the appropriate size that matches your corresponding kitchen space.

Types of Milk Frothers

Coffee drinkers are spoilt for choice since there are multiple arrays or brands of milk frothers out there. For starters, it is essential to distinguish between such frothers for easier decision-making. They usually fall into three major groupings;

Automatic frothers-They perform all the tasks for you. They resemble the conventional blender. However, in place of blades, they are come armed with discs or paddles that whip up contents at high speeds. They come with several speed settings. Some further come with heating and cooling mechanisms allowing for hot whipped coffees and cold whip creams. They are for those who prefer a more hands-free experience approach to frothing.

Hand held milk frothers-They are battery-powered devices that require minimal work to operate.

It consists of a simple handle and a whisk head that rotates at high speed to get the desired froth. Despite having difficulty in whipping large quantities, they are easy to use, store, and clean. They are usually designed to minimize time and effort while maximizing foam production.

Manual frothers aren’t battery or electric operated; Instead, they entirely rely on human intervention. Of the three types of frothers, they are the ones that require a substantial amount of workout. The dishwasher easily accommodates almost any part of a manual milk frother.

Now that we know various types of milk frothers and what to look out for, let us dive into the reviews and see what’s making waves in the coffee world.

Top 5 Best Milk Frothers

Power Lix

We begin our review with the best rated, the Power lix hand held milk frother. Most of the reviewers who’ve used it attest to its easy-to-use and clean functionality. What’s more, it packs quite the punch for its size. Its more than 54000 reviews attest to its robust capabilities, with most overlooking its delicate aesthetics for poor performance. Furthermore, Bulletproof coffee doesn’t stand a chance.

It’s worth noting that the frother makes mixing with coffee creamer, medication, and other supplements quite a breeze with little to no residue. Apart from its versatility, its price point is another wow factor.

Bonsen Kitchen Electric Milk Frother

AS one reviewer puts it, “this frother whips up a storm in a cup.” The price point is jaw-dropping coupled with the savings that one benefits from making lattes at home. As another reviewer puts it, “there’s no need for overpriced coffee from expensive joints. With a little warm milk, cream, half and half, and your on your way to being a successful Barista.” Further to this, an actual barista quips that this frother makes the best alternative dairy coffee. In addition to whipping up bulletproof and latte coffees, Bonsen whips up beautiful meringues, not to mention protein shakes. However, users are warned to whip in larger containers to avoid a cyclone in the kitchen.

Aevo Automatic Milk Frothing Machine

The Aevo milk frother rival’s major brands such as the Nespresso, if not better, and users swear by it according to the more than 1000 reviews. It is one of the simplest frothers to use. Its frothing lid and heating cup make cleaning a breeze with its cup design, allowing you to hone your latte-making skills. It’s among the dandy little units that usually get two thumbs up from accomplished baristas. It is aesthetically pleasing and would make the perfect Christmas gift.

Breville Milk Café Milk Frother

The machine remains to be a darling to dozens of users. It comes equipped with a variety of settings making it more flexible than other milk frothers. One key feature of the Breville is its ability to control its temperature for a secure coffee experience. You can get a ton of froth from the rotating discs by having the milk hot. Apart from making your usual latte, some users have gone further to put it to task by warming up breast milk, and it performed just fine. It makes mixing your formulae so easy you’d be shocked and angry you wasted time doing it any other way.

Ninja Coffee Bar Easy Milk Frother With Press Froth Technology

With a star rating of 4.6, this manual milk frother is relatively easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about batteries to come up with your morning fix. This is the gadget to get your hands on for the die-hard coffee fans who love simplicity-just pump this baby up to get the same results.

Its made of more durable, thicker glass with a rubber strap in the middle to facilitate holding. Some reviewers replaced it with stainless steel version only to go back to the glass one. Most users complained that stainless steel gives a less superior froth than the Ninja version.

If you are new to frothing, below are some FAQs that might shed more light for better understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do you produce delicious and quality milk froth?

Use partially skimmed or fully skimmed milk at 5degree Celsius to attain high quality, Delicious froth.

2. Are attachments to milk frothers such as whisks replaceable?

Yes. Various accessories are present and available in different online stores.

3. What’s the difference between steamed and frothed milk?

Steamed milk has less foam, bubbles, and a higher density than frothed milk.

4. Which one is better, the automatic frother or the hand held milk frother?

Automatic frothers generate superior micro-foam than handheld pumps. They produce sizzling froth just by the press of a button.

5. Is it advisable to surpass the maximum line?

As with any liquid holding gadget, you shouldn’t cross the line to avoid spillage or wastage.

6. How often should one clean the milk frothing attachment?

The attachment should be cleaned after every frothing activity to keep the wand hygienic.

As we cap it off,

The days of walking to your favourite coffee joint are long gone. As technology keeps changing, consumers can only be wowed with remarkable and emerging technologies to make them enjoy their cup of joe even more. We hope that this article has been an eye-opener. We can’t wait to hear about your experience.

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