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Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Do you have a coffee lover in your life? Or, are you the one who everyone knows as the passionate coffee drinker? Coffee has almost become its own hobby. Garnering interest from all around the world coffee lovers have been able to learn all sorts of things about coffee, the way its made and the seemingly endless variations of flavors. Coffee can be the perfect start to a morning routine. Or a nice cup of dark roast decaf can be a great way warm after spending time outside in the cold winter months. Because of coffee’s growing popularity there are some really unique gifts out there that are perfect for the coffee lover in your life! Or, a perfect addition to your own coffee related collection.

Steeped Coffee Bags

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Steeping is no longer reserved for tea drinkers. Steeped coffee bags are a new wave of instant coffee that doesn’t take away the delicious taste of freshly brewed coffee. This type of coffee cuts a decent chunk of time out of your morning routine. Just a hot cup of water and you’ve got a fresh hot cup of coffee waiting. Many people take their time to enjoy the first morning cup of coffee. But these are perfect for an emergency morning when the alarm doesn’t go off and there’s no time to brew coffee in the pot. And, they make great travel gifts for long road trips!

A Coffee Bag Subscription

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Subscription boxes are one of the best ways to try a variety of different items within the niche the box falls in. Clothes and books started the trend but now coffee lovers can rejoice! Coffee bag subscription boxes give the recipient different bags of coffee to try each month. Depending on which service you sign up for you can get from one to five bags of various coffee. Some subscription boxes have theme months while others rotate a delicious myriad of blends and flavors each month.

A Milk Frother

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Foam on top of a latte is no longer a delicacy only given to coffee lovers by their favorite barista or expensive espresso machine. You can purchase small milk frothers perfect for individual lattes. There are small hand held frothers you can purchase or automatic ones that just require the press of a button. Most are dishwasher safe with a standard amount of pressure that will create the perfect amount of foam to top off your coffee. If you know anyone interested in latte foam art getting a small hand held milk frother would be a great starting gift.

Vietnamese Pour Over Latte Kit

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One of the best things about the internet is the quite literally the world wide connection. Now people from all over can come together and exchange information about coffee. Including showcasing the different and unique types of coffee, lattes and home brewing kits that are standard in their country. This Vietnamese coffee and California coffee blend kit offers the avid coffee drinker a noteworthy way to brew an individual cup of coffee. These bags attach over the sides of the cup and only requires the addition of hot water then viola! You have a freshly brewed flavorful Vietnamese coffee.

A Mokka Espresso Pot

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Espresso can be packed with just as much rich flavor as a full cup of coffee. Espresso makers can run up to the thousands, but there are alternatives that produce a great espresso at a fraction of the cost. The Mokka Espresso Pot is a well known item around the coffee-loving scene. If it’s not already a staple in a coffee lover’s kitchen it’s time to change that. The stainless steel pot comes in different sizes and is able to brew, at the very least, three cups of velvety smooth espresso. It’s easy to use and comes in a simple style that is able to match any home’s decor.

A Temperature Controlled Mug

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Everyone’s done it before. You brew coffee and it’s too hot so you set it out and wait then come back to it and it’s gone cold. Reheated coffee just doesn’t taste the same, either! A temperature controlled mug does exactly what it says – it controls the temperature of your coffee until the last drop. In other words, the mug waits until your coffee cools down to the right temperature and then keeps it from getting cold throughout your morning. Therefore, even if you leave your coffee somewhere in the middle of your routine you’ll be able to come back to a perfectly hot cup of coffee.

An Espresso Machine for the Home

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Coffee lovers dream of being able to whip up specialty lattes anytime they want without leaving the comfort of their home. Who says it has to stay a dream? Espresso machines have a wide range of pricing, size and abilities therefor, it truly depends on what is needed. For simple lattes the basic espresso machines are perfect. But if you’re looking for something that can steam or foam milk – you’ll have to look at the more hefty lines of machines.

French Press

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A lot of coffee lovers might already have one, but do they have the best one? Anyways, there’s nothing wrong with gifting up and giving them something you already know they’ll love. Just better! Stainless steel French presses make a delicious cup of coffee in a sleek glass coffee carafe. Great for having guests over and they’re easy to use.

Coffee lovers have so much access to so many cool things related to coffee that it’s hard to pick just one thing. Making great coffee is no longer just a barista skill. You can make a flavor packed cup of coffee each morning and even top it off with a little foam heart if you want! Knowledge of coffee expands beyond knowing what brand makes good instant coffee. For some people it’s like a science — making the perfect cup of coffee requires experimentation and different tools. Any of these gifts would make a great new addition to a coffee lovers kitchen.

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