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Best Coffee for Filter Machines: How to Choose the Top Filtered Coffee Grounds

Best Coffee for Filter Machines: How to Choose the Top Filtered Coffee Grounds
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Do you have a filter coffee machine sitting at home, unused – because you can’t pick the suitable grounds? We understand how a new patron of Joe can be confused while choosing the best coffee for filter machines. But don’t worry! We are here to help you!

You may have just started your coffee journey – but there’s no reason you can’t choose the suitable coffee grounds for your machine. Today, we’ll tell you about our favorite coffee for filter coffee makers and guide you in choosing the right variety for yourself!

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How to Choose the Best Coffee for Filter Machines

You may own one of the best filter coffee makers, but it can make you an exquisite cup of Java only if you pick the proper ground. So how do you choose it? Consider some factors like the type of coffee you want to make, the type of beans, their origin, roast, and grind.

Let’s take a look below –  

a) Types of Beans

There are many coffee bean types, but the most common varieties are Arabica and Robusta. If you love a sweet and soft taste in your Java, Arabica beans are ideal for you. Robusta beans give you a more potent, slightly bitter flavor for those who love strong coffee.  

Arabica bean ground will also give you a sugary undertone of berries and wine-like overtones. The acidity level is also a little on the higher side. But Robusta beans offer grain-like undertones, with a taste in the mouth that will remind you of peanuts.     

Arabica contains less caffeine, though it is considered a higher quality, which is why Arabica blends are more expensive. This is primarily because of Arabica’s cultivation requirements. It needs higher altitudes and may not be able to handle harsh weather conditions.

On the other hand, Robusta thrives at lower altitudes and can combat any weather condition. They are more resistant to pest attacks, too, compared to Arabica. Robusta also yields more crops and can be harvested much sooner, while Arabica takes time to mature. 

b) Single Origin vs. Blends 

Single-origin coffee offers a crisp, pure taste that’s ideal for black coffee. You will love the distinctive finish of this type of coffee. However, due to changing weather conditions, each batch of single-origin coffee may make beverages that taste a little different from each other.

Coffee blends offer mixed flavors generated from two or more complementary beans of different origins. The flavor of blended coffee is usually much more balanced and consistent. It tastes less bold. If you prefer to add creamer to your coffee, this is the best type. 

c) Roast

How your coffee will taste depends on the degree of roast of the coffee beans. Unroasted beans are pretty much tasteless and need to be roasted to release the fantastic aroma. The darker the beans, the higher the roast level, i.e., light, medium, and dark.

  1. Light Roast: The body of the drink is more delicate as it doesn’t absorb too much heat to release oil. The taste is also more acidic. It has the highest caffeine level. 
  2. Medium Roast: It is a little darker, with a heavier body than light roast as higher heat levels help release more oil. It is the most common. It has less caffeine, too.  
  3. Dark Roast: It has the darkest and richest taste and offers full-bodied drinks. That’s because long roasting releases more oil. It is the least caffeinated of all.  

d) Grind 

“Grind” refers to the coarseness of the coffee grounds. You can enjoy the freshness of coffee by grinding beans yourself, as mentioned here. But if you’re not confident about it, buy pre-ground coffee. There are different levels of coarseness that fit different brew methods. 

The medium-fine grind is the best for drip coffee, while for pour-over coffee, both medium-coarse grind and medium-fine grind are excellent. A medium-fine grind is also great for Aeropress and Siphon brewers. For French press or percolator, choose coarse grind.  

For the safest bet for filter coffee machines, we suggest that you select any medium grind. You can eventually experiment and find your favorite. You can check out more details about the texture and how the different grounds look here to know more! 

e) Freshness

We don’t need to tell you that coffee beans that are freshly roasted and ground make the best coffee. If you’re buying pre-ground coffee, make sure to check some necessary details mentioned on the package, like the time of production, roasting, grinding, etc.  

Avoid coffee brands that do not offer the above information. Make sure to check the “best before” date mentioned on the package, too. In addition, pick coffee that comes in a proper package like an air-tight pack or a valve bag that maintains the freshness of the grounds. 

f) Certification 

If you are conscious about your health and the environment, you should check if the agricultural and processing conditions are in compliance with specific standards. Many coffee companies come with Fair Trade, USDA, and Organic certifications.

These certifications are proof that the companies use beans sourced from eco-friendly farms that use sustainable methods and protect the rights of growers during production. You can also check if the processing of coffee beans involves unhealthy additives or not.  

Best Coffee for Filter Machines: 5 Top Filtered Coffee Grounds for Your Morning Cuppa

Now you know how to pick the right coffee grounds for your filter machine. Now it’s time to check out our best picks to make you a refreshing cup of Joe whenever you want! Check out the list below and know about our top five favorite filter coffee grounds.    

1. Maxwell House Original Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Maxwell House Original Medium Roast Ground Coffee

For a refreshing cup of full-bodied Java with a rich taste, try the Maxwell House Original Medium-Roast Grounds. It’s ideal for drip coffee makers, and you’ll love the consistency in taste in every cup. You can make it any way you like – and each sip will taste exceptionally smooth.


  • Formulated to brew coffee easily 
  • Rich and even taste in every cup
  • Great as black coffee and with cream


  • Not for drinkers who like strong coffee

2. NooWave Flow State Ground Coffee with Cacao 

Who doesn’t love the heavenly combination of coffee and chocolate? If you want that in your beverage, NooWave Flow State Organic Coffee is perfect for you. It is infused with raw cacao for an incredible taste. Plus, the L-Theanine content in it can reduce stress.


  • Delicious chocolate flavor with medium-roast taste 
  • Excellent for stress reduction and better rest
  • Tastes smooth with or without creamer  


  • Not for people who like strong and pure coffee taste

3. Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee 

Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee 

If you’re new to using filter machines, you probably hate changing paper filters, right? Then, Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee is the perfect product for you. It comes pre-measured in filter packages – and you can enjoy a rich taste of medium-roast beans.    


  • Does not require measuring coffee grounds 
  • Comes in filter packs, so you don’t have to change filter papers
  • Uniformly smooth and rich taste of coffee in each cup 


  • Taste not strong enough for regular drinkers

4. Wandering Bear Extra Strong Organic Coarse Ground Coffee 

Wandering Bear Extra Strong Organic Coarse Ground Coffee 

Looking for a strong coffee for some super-refreshing kick? Try Wandering Bear Extra Strong Organic Coarse Ground Coffee is an excellent choice for French press and drip machines. It can also make a mean cold brew! Each cup is full-bodied and chocolaty. 


  • Coarse grind for excellent hot and cold brews
  • Completely organic and healthy  
  • Comes in one-way valve bags to keep the flavor intact


  • Weaker flavor compared to other dark roast coffees 

5. Death Wish Ground Dark Roast Coffee

Death Wish Ground Dark Roast Coffee

Death Wish Co. takes great pride in its Ground Dark Roast Coffee as “The World’s Strongest Coffee”. We don’t know about this claim, but it is definitely a good coffee to wake you up in the morning. You’ll love the subtly sweet and fruity flavor profiles, too!


  • Artisanal flavor profile of chocolate and cherry
  • Bold and delicious dark roast taste
  • Certified organic coffee


  • Expensive, compared to other coffee brands

Final Words 

Your recent encounter with high-quality Java may have prompted you to bring home the best filter coffee maker in town. Or you may have received a filter machine as a gift. Either way, we understand your desire to find the best coffee for filter machines.

At the time of choosing the right coffee grounds, consider your taste, i.e., think about the boldness and flavor notes you like. Accordingly, you should pick the right source, grind, and roast. Don’t forget to check the freshness of the coffee grounds for the best cup of Java! 

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